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Anarchist online dating

Remember a couple months ago when a couple of little storms wrecked a big chunk of the Caribbean?

They’re still not out of the woods yet, as you’ll see in this 360 degree video (click and drag to look around at the continuing carnage) and the accompanying NYT article focusing on the losses to boat owners in the Virgin Islands.

It opens: The wrecks lie half-sunk in marinas, fully submerged in coves, tangled in mangrove roots, tossed akilter against trees, or piled atop one another, a jumble of punctured hulls, snapped masts and bent propellers.

The hurricanes that raged through the United States Virgin Islands in September damaged or destroyed not only thousands of buildings, but also hundreds of boats, from tiny sailboats to 50-foot luxury yachts.

“I had a big pain in my right hand side and couldn’t really move my right leg and I really needed to get off deck because we needed to gybe for the ice gate.” She continued, “I tried to crawl but in the end the guys had to drag me along the deck and then carry me downstairs.” The video can be seen here.Most of the electronics have already been either replaced or repaired and the supermaxi will definitely be on the starting line for the Sydney-Hobart race on Boxing Day.On 1 September, 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake devastated east Japan.OK it’s a gripping account but there are two things wrong with this.Sadly, first there is going to be the usual backlash against women on boats.

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On May 18, 2006 after 178 days at sea she closed the loop and in doing so sounded the death knell of the Global Challenge.

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