Brody jenner and kristin cavallari dating 2016

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Late nights and close quarters led to romances blooming.Some of The Hills’ most standout courtships were Montag and Pratt; Patridge and Brescia; Jenner and Conrad; then Jenner and Kristin Cavallari (for a second go-round).I was going to college, my parents weren’t financially supporting me anymore, and I had used up all my Laguna money. Then she told me she was going to do a spin-off and asked if I wanted to be on it. ” It was hard to conceptualize how big it really was.So when Adam came to me and said, “Do you want to do this show? ”Heidi Montag: Laguna Beach hadn’t even aired when I met Lauren at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The following summer, I stayed with her family for a few weeks before we moved to L. Whitney Port: I was about to start school at USC when I heard that Teen Vogue was looking for interns.Fashion industry fixtures Cutrone and Vogue’s Lisa Love starred as Conrad and Port’s bosses.

Out of sheer awkwardness, I apologized for fighting with her.It was meant to be very aspirational for young girls who dream of working in fashion.Lauren Conrad: I initially signed on because I wanted the paycheck.Conrad’s crew was comprised of Audrina Patridge, childhood friend Lo Bosworth, and later, in an ironic twist of events, Stephanie Pratt, the sister of her arch nemesis Spencer.Whitney Port played a confidant at work; Brody Jenner was a love interest; and Justin Brescia was, well, Justin Bobby.

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Adam Di Vello: We knew as soon as we saw Whitney that she’d be the perfect confidant for Lauren at work. Audrina Patridge: It was the ultimate dream scenario. I wasn’t allowed to go to the pool for two weeks because he didn’t want me to meet Lauren or Heidi off-camera. Then they called me after and asked me to film again.