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In the drama, he appears as a mysterious spy who falls in love with an ordinary female police officer.O'Neil started modeling at the age of 16 while majoring in photography in college. He appeared in an episode of the 2009 series of Melrose Place. PM on a Saturday Dennis proudly plays a hateful voice message from Caylee, a pharmacist he recently had a relationship with, telling the gang that he now has her undying love. She grew to need him, and then he proceeded to Neglect Emotionally - he continued to prank call her but didn't show up for her, causing her to fall into emotional distress.

He was born to a Korean mother and a former American GI father. O'Neil starred in the MBC miniseries Sweet Spy and has also acted in commercials across Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Demonstrate Value - Dennis pretended to purchase medications for his ill grandmother from Caylee.

Dee bets Dennis that he can't win Caylee back, a challenge he accepts.

Dennis demands that he must have his chance to "re-D. He was attempting to Demonstrate Value by secretly breaking her disposal then coming back later to fix it for her. Charlie complains the system isn't working for him and Dee complains that Ben isn't afraid of her independence.

Dennis comes up with a plan to solve everyone's problems.

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System" is the tenth episode of the fifth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mac played wingman and said he saw a spider, causing them to watch the movie on Dennis' bed which led to sex.