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In numerous seafood fraud studies, both in the US and worldwide, sushi eateries are almost always among the worst performers, especially when it comes to tuna, one of the most popular ingredients.” He said that “white tuna” is another issue unique to the sushi industry.

While the fish appears on the menu at some restaurants, “you never see the term at normal seafood restaurants,” he said.

For those of us who were born into less delicious culinary traditions, there's no reason that we can't have some fun and try our own feast of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve.

Founder Mike Monahan can be found most days behind the counter of his Kerrytown shop offering tried and true recipes or dispensing advice on the best seafood to add to his bouillabaisse base.

For Mike, procuring and preparing the finest quality seafood is more than a job, it’s a way of life!This discrepancy is mediated by high functional uniqueness in some diversified Neotropical fish orders.Surprisingly, functional diversity patterns were weakly related to functional vulnerability.Subscribe Because we are small and independently owned, we can be innovators. And we can offer a wider selection and more options than our competitors.Not only do we have a bountiful case of fresh seafood daily, we can fillet whole fish in store or custom grind for holidays.

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