Info nova compute manager updating host status

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Info nova compute manager updating host status

The naive solution would be to start up another instance of The ordering of configuration files on the command line is significant: later configuration files will override values from earlier files.I'm running Fedora 21 on my laptop, which uses systemd, so I created a modified version of the [Unit] Description=Open Stack Nova Compute Server (Docker) [Service] Environment=LIBGUESTFS_ATTACH_METHOD=appliance Type=notify Restart=always User=nova Exec Start=/usr/bin/nova-compute --config-file /etc/nova/--config-file /etc/nova/[Install] Wanted ---- ------------------ ------------------ ---------- --------- -------... ---- ------------------ ------------------ ---------- --------- -------... | 1 | nova-consoleauth | host.| internal | enabled | up ...

Migrations are not visible to non-admin users, but some operations cannot be peformed during a migration, such as attaching, detaching, or deleting a volume. The scheduler chooses the destination compute host based on its settings.

Migration enables you to move a VM instance from one Compute host to another.

Migration is useful for performing maintenance or redistributing workloads when there are too many VMs running on one host.

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This process does not assume that the instance has shared storage available on the target host.