Mobile phone dating usa

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Mobile phone dating usa

This means our customers can now maintain crystal clear HD Voice calls, whether connected to T-Mobile LTE or Wi-Fi–all using their existing T-Mobile number.

Yes, you must connect to a Wi-Fi network before your phone will automatically connect to that same network when in range. Select a trusted network and enter a password to connect.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll be automatically connected when Wi-Fi is turned on. After the first connection, the phone will automatically connect to that same network automatically when in range.

Yes, when the device is in range of a reliable Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi calls and cellular calls are similar in quality.

If the device is returned damaged, you may be required to pay a damage fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of the replacement cost.

This device may access an unsecured Wi-Fi network which could impact your data security. Pay-off your device requires trade-in of financed/leased device in good condition; your payments must be current. pursuant to a license from Master Card International and managed by Citi Prepaid Services.

See for details and restrictions including important 9-1-1 and security limitations. Payments consist of: (1) credit of device trade-in value, and (2) Prepaid Master Card® Card in amount of carrier’s Early Termination Fee (for ETF offer) or remaining device balance, including lease purchase option if applicable, minus trade-in credit (for device offer) (card not redeemable for cash and expires in 12 months unless extended by Issuer). You must submit final bill showing ETF or device balance (& valid exercise of lease purchase option, if applicable) within 2 calendar months of port-in and be active and in good standing with T-Mobile when payment is processed; allow up to 8 weeks. Up to 12 lines; all lines must be activated in same T-Mobile market with same billing address. Check your contract(s) with your carrier for your rights and obligations. This card can be used everywhere Master Card debit cards are accepted. Network Management: Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or significant roaming.

Plus, at home, the Personal Cell Spot prioritizes T-Mobile voice traffic over other types of Wi-Fi traffic–such as your kids are streaming a movie, or your co-worker is watching You Tube videos for crystal-clear HD Voice calls.

Unlike older routers, T-Mobile’s Personal Cell Spot is designed to handle the multitude of connected devices an average home or small business uses today that can connect to it.

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The service is available to T-Mobile customers at no additional cost from anywhere Gogo service is available.

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