Stories about dating

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Stories about dating

It's true that anyone who has ever been on a date has at least one good bad date story.

Well, Nick has been on a lot of bad dates and on the Bad Dates Podcast shares those stories with YOU.

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I couldn't be like, 'do you want to grab some coffee? Agree to disagree." "My ex and I were hooking up for about eight months and he had invited me to a family gathering.

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' when seeing someone new may seem like it can be easily solved by, like, asking them.

Because he just introduced you to us as his girlfriend'.

So I just looked at my dude and we both just kinda shrugged and laughed and I proceeded [to tell] her, 'Well then, a few minutes I guess,' and from then on it was official." "My current partner thought we were dating but I didn’t realise it.

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The dancer asked us how long we’d been dating, and I said we weren’t, and he paused and said, 'Well, I mean, we’re kind of dating.' This led to an awkward conversation while the dancer was gyrating around us and occasionally piping up to tell us about her boyfriend’s penis." "I broke up with my ex a couple of months ago and have been hanging out with a friend a lot. Apparently we were in a relationship for several weeks at that point. " "I kissed a friend the morning after a night out.