What information can radiocarbon dating tell paleontologists

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What information can radiocarbon dating tell paleontologists

This is the arena in which the survival of the human species is played out.The occupants of the cultural ecological niche impose a series of selective pressures on each other as they use language and other aspects of culture to their advantage.In his work on biology, he avoided the effort to treat biological entities by the use of rigid formal logic, and, though he made some inevitable errors in fact, his pragmatic approach has served as a model for biological observation ever since.From long before the time of the ancient Greeks, human beings were generally recognized as members of the animal world.One would expect, then, that the evidence for the increasing complexity of the prehistoric cultural record would be linked to an increase in brain size of the associated prehistoric hominids. Researchers can assess brain size and the form of limbs and feet of prehistoric specimens to see what they can tell us about the course of human development.It is much less easy, however, to tell such things as whether or not the prehistoric creatures in question had lost their fur coatings yet or whether they had developed the capacity for articulate speech.Could the flood have set off a chain of events that literally reshaped the face of the earth?Find out more on this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century.” If you watched the program and want related material, just click the photo and links below to go to our store.

Could oil and hydrocarbons even survive for millions of years?

Obviously, females are of equal importance to the survival of the human species, and, somewhat belatedly, the field of biological anthropology has come to realize that males and females require equal attention if the phenomenon of humankind and how it emerged from its nonhuman predecessors is ever to be understood.

It came as something of a surprise when scientists determined that human beings share almost 99 percent of their genetic material with chimpanzees.

The groundbreaking soft-tissue research has been suppressed in most schools and universities because it points to a literal, historical Genesis.

It challenges evolutionary theories of biology because soft tissue could not survive for the millions of years suggested by secular paleontologists…

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