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ne of the best ways to appreciate the full glory of Antonio Inoki, the legendary Japanese professional wrestler, WWE Hall of Famer, and three-term member of his country’s parliament, is to Google image-search the phrase アントニオ猪木ビンタ (“Antonio Inoki bitch-slap”).

You will see Inoki bitch-slapping the Japanese ambassador to Pakistan, a Cuban Olympian, a Japanese pop idol and member of the girl group SKE48, a man standing shirtless and in shorts in the snow, a 55-year-old female Japanese politician, the nationalistic former governor of Tokyo, a young Pakistani child, a man cradling an infant, a comedian, and scores of others.

Jhara and his cornermen began jumping around the ring, thumping their arms in victory as onlookers poured into the ring, started dancing to bhangra, and jumped up and down with their fingers pointed to the sky.

Inscrutably, North Korea then test-fired two Scud-type missiles into the Sea of Japan, but bilateral relations still seem to be warming.

So then, here’s a look at three famous times where the fans wanted someone as the top star, and who they got instead.

MORE: Five main event acts that failed Who the fans wanted: Ric Flair Who the fans got: Lex Luger Ric Flair is a legendary wrestler who spent nearly a decade as the lead attraction in Jim Crockett Promotions, which eventually became WCW in 1991.

Fans, politicians, pop stars, and children from all over the world line up to receive his famed bitch-slap in the belief that it will invigorate them and transfer some of Inoki’s “burning fighting spirit.” But Inoki has a rich history of trading blows with much greater purpose.

He fought Muhammad Ali at the 14,500-seat Nippon Budokan in Tokyo in 1976 in what was one of the first mixed martial arts contests.

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“In the future, even when I’m not around anymore, I hope that the steady exchange with North Korea will not be extinguished.” Inoki will be fanning the flames of his “burning fighting spirit” in this world and the next.