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Xcode app icon not updating

It’s not important that the library get upgraded or not, but get the file being regenerated.Then launch Xcode, build your project, and the app icon should be there.There are a number of apparent fixes to this problem online, but none seemed to work for me.The best I could tell, my ionic icon was cached somehow, but as I was building on the Mac, I didn’t have any form of Android tooling available to open the project and clean the install. Unfortunately, this didn’t fix my splash screen issue.If you’re updating icons or launch screens and not seeing your changes, delete the application from your device or emulator and redeploy.

If your images have different file names then open and change the key Drag and drop your Assets.xcassets into Xcode (7.1 or newer version).To modify that template and create your own launch screen using your own assets and design, you will need the following: The workflow for creating your own launch screen can be handled from Xcode or manually in the Native Script enviroment.In this article we are going to cover both the manual and the Xcode WYSIWYG approach.I want to share my fix for the Ionic icon and splashscreen issue I just hit upon.The issue was that no matter what I did, deploying my Ionic app to my Android phone always ended up with an empty / blank / white splash screen and the default ionic icon. Of course, you need to have the two images to begin with – and if you don’t, check out somewhere like fiverr or odesk (ahem, upwork? From my project root, I put my , the icon would be the default icon, and the splash screen was empty / blank / white.

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In the opened window choose App Icon and add a proper image for each i OS version and device.

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